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    Taking care of you, so you can take care of us.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to take care of you, so you can take care of us.

    We seek to fulfill our mission by delivering high-quality business solutions at reasonable costs.

Broad Experience

MDHCMS has broad experience, extensive expertise and a proven model to realign care delivery. Our approach allows our partners to focus on providing the appropriate care at the appropriate time, in the appropriate setting at the appropriate cost. Our priority is taking care of you, so you can take care of your patients. Our objective is to maximize your productivity and reduce your overhead through optimization while improving patient outcomes.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition and differentiator is our large managed network of services and partners that allows us to provide our clients a portfolio of services and products. We manage the integration and delivery of those services in a seamless manner and save our clients the time of seeking and validating multiple vendors. From healthcare related services to technology services to professional development to talent recruitment and retention, etc. Our objective is to augment our clients' practice to allow our clients to focus on their patients' delivery care journey.


We assess your work environment and layout for patient friendliness, your workflow to optimize efficiencies and maximize work for the highest level of each credential in the office. We assess staff engagement with patients to improve the patient experience; we evaluate patient's time at each point throughout the delivery care journey[…]


We provide back-office support in areas of strategy, marketing, IT support, HR, data quality and analytics, productivity tools, etc. We align back-office operations so they are in harmony with front-office operations including leveling expectations of all staff. We accomplish this training that includes role playing.[…]

MDHCMS Services

We offer a portfolio of services to optimize your practice.

Front Office

We assist practices with improving their patient engagement and overall experience. We formulate marketing strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention to optimize growth and drive revenue

CertIfied Coders

We provide certified and credentialed coders to maximize billing and ensure compliance with CMS HCC Guidelines, increase accuracy, reduce exposure to fraud and abuse, and reduce costs.

Risk Management

We perform risk stratification to segregate patients to allow you to properly allocate resources. We assess systems, processes, and reports to detect, monitor, assess, mitigate, and prevent risks.


We perform physician practice assessments for key areas (strategic, financial, operations, administrative) to analyze patient intake, documentation, coding, billing, collections, etc. and measure the data against performance benchmarks.

Front-Office Optimization

We evaluate front-office operations to optimize efficiencies and maximize resources.

Back-Office Management

We evaluate and improve back-office operations


We utilize various methodologies to analyze processes and workflows to identify areas to improve accuracy, effectiveness and/or efficiency; then redesign sub-performing processes to realize improvements.


We create a talent management strategy aligned with the organization's vision to maximize employee capabilities presently and in the future; to manage employee acquisition, identification, and development; and to ensure activities are being performed by the appropriate credentialed staff members


We create data strategies to harness the full power of data by aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing data to gain insights into delivery care performance. We focus centralizing, integration, governance frameworks (security), and organizational development to maximize data value and use.